Gorilla Grillz Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape Pen by Kush CBD Vape


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Gorilla Grillz Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape Pen by Kush CBD Vape

Take a hit of the Gorrila Grillz Forbidden Fruit by Kush CBD Vape and let your mind wonder if it is as sweet as the kind that enticed Eve in the notorious story of Adam & Eve.

The most delicious fruit is the Forbidden Fruit; that’s simply one of life’s many facts as it tempts & beckons you to taste, absorb, and take all of the natural Cherry Pie x Tangie goodness in. Even Eve’s fruit was missing the pure relief and calming nature of KUSH Vapes CBD and the tantalizing flavour of Forbidden Fruit that blends notes of orange with Cherry Pie & intense dank tropical fruits. Thankfully Kush CBD Vape decided to combine the epic combination of strong CBD relief with the unbelievable flavour of Forbidden Fruit.

The sweet, tropical taste is just like the most sinful & sweet kind of decadence, the dark fruit notes are intense, and the tropical fruit balances it out perfectly. The Forbidden Fruit Kush CBD Vapes pack a whopping 200mg of Gorilla Grillz Forbidden Fruit flavoured CBD packed inside each disposable vape pen. Made with only natural terpenes from the Gorilla Grillz Forbidden Fruit strain, this & the entire Kush CBD Vape Vape range packs delicious and fast acting CBD relief when you need it.

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