Black & Pink 8oz AlienLabs Mason Stash Jar by RE:STASH


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Black & Pink 8oz AlienLabs Mason Stash Jar by RE:STASH. The team behind the RE:STASH Jars are dedicated to sustainability and quality while maintaining the very best in ECO-friendly UV protection keeping your stash fresh and undamaged. Each RE:STASH Jar comes with 100% recycled or recyclable products with 30% coming directly from farm wast. Each one of the Mason Jars come with a Silicone koozie which not only looks nice but is imperative to its UV protection.

Inside each jar, as you open it, you’ll see they come with a Child protective lid. Under which you a second silicon lined sealer which is imperative to keep in the freshness and one more final surprise. Once you have the lid’s off, you’ll be happily surprised with a storage clip designed to hold an 8oz Bovida Humidity pack.

BPA Free
Prevents sunlight damage
Eco-friendly materials
CPSC Certified child-resistant
Smell proof
Lids made in Portland, OR
No Plastic

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