Space Queen XX Female Weed Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds


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Space Queen XX Female Weed Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds

Space Queen XX is one of the latest feminized strains from Brothers Grimm Seeds & she has an illustrious history as the original Space Queen was created in the late 1990s through a collaboration of Mr Soul, the breeder of Brothers Grimm Seeds and the dearly departed Vic High of BCGA in Canada. The original Space Queen was created by crossing Vics infamous Romulan female with Brother Grimm’s Cinderella 99 male.

At that time Space Queen was then instrumental in dearly departed Subcool’s work, propelling it to new heights thanks to its great successes. Brothers Grimm have finally decided it was time to bring back this exceptional strain but with a twist, bringing it to market in feminized form. The Space Queen XX is the result of selecting an old-school pineapple pheno-leaning phenotype of the original C99 from the original 1999 release of the C99 seeds to be the pollen donor to Vic Highs‘ authentic original Romulan clone. This breeding project has permitted all of the best qualities from the infamous Romulan to blend with Cinderella 99’s sugar and spice. Space Queen XX is a super vigorous plant that produces unique resin content that coats the massive, tightly bound colas. In addition, she has an incredible flower-to-bud ratio, a trait that the Romulan mother has passed on to the Space Queen XX.

Space Queen XX presents as a highly evergreen tree-shaped indica dominant strain that packs on heavy resin production throughout flowering. She can also pack on dense, weighty branches that require support. Space Queen XX is a hefty yielder and in order to achieve those yields, support of the heavy branches is advised by Brothers Grimm Seeds. Additionally, she’ll express rich purple colours as the temperatures drop, contrasting the resin production beautifully. The flavour profile is intensely funky initially but quickly switches to a fruity flavour on your palate that is balanced by a lasting sandalwood flavour after your exhale. Her high is intense, but crucially she also sets you in an inspiring energetic mood.

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