Durban Nights XX Female Weed Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds


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Durban Nights XX Female Weed Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds

Durban Nights XX is one of the latest feminized strains from Brothers Grimm Seeds. Brothers Grimm Seeds took an exceptional cut of the Female Durban-Thai from Super Sativa Seed Club that has been hormonally induced with Silver Thiosulfate from a Jack Herer female. The resulting progeny was nicknamed DTJH( Durban Thai Jack Herer); she grows squat and stocky with a robust structure and incredible terpene-rich terp profile that carries the best parts of her parents through. 

Mr Soul of Brothers Grimm then took their prized favourite Cinderella 99 female using colloidal silver to reverse it to produce pollen so she could pollinate the DTJH female to create these incredible 100% feminised genetics . Cinderella 99 lends her insane resin production structure as well as yield to the aromatic and captivating terpene profile of the DTJH.

The resulting progeny are massive, vigorous plants that pack on tons of resin on the large main cola as well as throughout her heavy side branches. Durban Nights XX‘s overall terpene profile is exotic and tropical but is undercut by the spicy and super uplifting with a rushy cerebral high that is balanced by the racy adrenaline rush from your very first hit. Durban Nights XX‘s terp profile is super loud thanks to the exotic notes but crucially she also hits you like a truck and as the flavour fills up your lungs and blows out of your nose euphoria will fill your body. Durban Nights XX is a truly meditative strain that brings calming feelings of peacefulness without a trace of paranoia. 

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